Real Estate Lawyer Windsor

Real Estate Lawyer Windsor

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Buying or selling a home is a serious matter. For some, it’s one of the biggest purchases of your life. You need to know all the costs associated with your real estate deal from the beginning so you can budget accordingly. That is why at Akram Law we offer fixed pricing for all our real estate related services. Check out the pricing below and book a consultation today for all your real estate law needs.



$799+HST & Disbursements
  • Reviewing executed agreement of purchase and sale (but not including negotiating or drafting the agreement)
  • Investigating title and making requisitions on title and other matters in the agreement
  • Searching the arrears of realty and all other taxes and rates constituting statutory leins
  • Searching for executions against vendor and purchaser
  • Searching for work orders
  • Discussing with the purchaser all matters relating to title, zoning and statement of adjustments
  • Reviewing and executing mortgage instructions
  • Advising the client concerning home insurance and title insurance
  • Advising purchaser regarding Tarion warranties and claim periods (where applicable)
  • Meeting with clients to execute closing documents
  • Reporting to purchaser and mortgagee after closing

Sale of


$599+HST & Disbursements
  • Reviewing executed agreement of purchase and sale (but not including negotiating or drafting the agreement)
  • Preparing transfer of title, answering requisitions on title
  • Preparing statement of adjustments
  • Advising on applicability of non-resident taxes
  • Meeting with clients to execute closing documents
  • Attending to the closing and completing the sale
  • Paying out and obtaining a discharge of any mortgage on title (if applicable)
  • Reporting to the client after completion of sale



$499+HST & Disbursements
  • Receipt and review of mortgage instructions
  • Drafting mortgage and all related documentation for the registration of the mortgage and confirmation of the loan
  • To obtain and disburse mortgage funds
  • To undertake all necessary searches and measures set out in the mortgage instructions
  • To registering the mortgage on title
  • Reporting to borrower and lender
* Disbursements are not included in our legal fee. Disbursements range from case to case. Please contact us for more information.

Things You Should Know

Here are some common things to know about the use of a real estate lawyer in Windsor, Ontario. It’s important to know all the legal information when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Ontario and the best way to understand this is to talk to a real estate lawyer.

It’s important to understand a few things when going through a real estate transaction. These can be complicated and confusing but hiring a lawyer can help guide you through the process. One common problem is the fact that real estate lawyers can be busy so it’s difficult to find one that is reliable enough to go through your transaction personally. In a lot of cases, office assistants will do the majority of the work and the lawyer in charge will sign off on the work completed. It’s a good idea for you to ask your lawyer if they will go through your transaction personally or if they will have office assistants taking care of it for you. This will help you decide if the firm you are consulting with is the right one for you. Lawyers that have more time to personally take care of your file can give you a better home buying experience. An example of this is if you are the seller, once a transaction is complete you can have your lawyer make sure that your funds are released to you immediately. Or if you are a buyer they can make sure you have access to the house right away so that you can move in without delay.

Fees Associated with Real Estate

Another important reason to shop around and consult different real estate lawyers is the fact that fees can vary significantly. Some will be inexpensive but may not be able to personally go through your transaction. Others may charge slightly more but they will provide a more personalized experience. Whatever you prefer its best to get a straight forward fee schedule so you know what you’re paying for.

Costs of a transaction can vary depending on many factors. For example, if you are purchasing a new build straight from the contractors you will have different paperwork than if you are purchasing from a current homeowner.

When it comes to buying condos one thing that can surprise people are the fees charged by condo managers. There are many cases of people buying condos and not understanding how much they have to pay in maintenance fees. It’s important to read over your paperwork and know what you are agreeing to. There are people that are paying over $1000 monthly maintenance fees because they are living in older buildings that need major renovations like redoing the windows or the HVAC system. Stuck in these types of agreements can live people in dire financial circumstances. In a scenario like this, you own the condo but you can’t sell it because people are not willing to pay that much in maintenance fees. Now you are stuck with a house you own but you can’t sell. Being aware of such scenarios can save you from serious anxiety and stress in the future. That’s why whomever you hire it’s still important to personally go through your own paperwork and read the fine print.

Another thing to consider is your title insurance. Title insurance is important for people purchasing a home to protect against title defects or claims/liens on a property that was not disclosed in the buying process. The main point of this insurance is to ensure that no one can challenge the fact that you now own the property. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your lawyer and to get their professional opinion.

These are a few things to pay attention to when hiring a real estate lawyer. Buying or selling a house can be a challenging task so the best way to protect yourself is to have knowledgable professionals in your corner.